2-Distrubution LicenceĀ«

You are convinced by the potential of our construction method in your country and wish to get actively involved yourself? The Tunel Pey Khazar Group offers you the possibility of a licence partnership.

A collaboration begins with a distribution licence:

In your capacity as a distribution licence partner, you jointly develop your house type programme with us. This is marketed under your own name and for your own account.

In return for a turnover-dependent licence fee, you will receive:

  • The right to use our brand (the Tunel Pey Khazar Group is the market leader in Europe)
  • Continuous product development and training
  • Training for your employees (assembly, interior fittings, building services, distribution)
  • Inexpensive material cost prices

In order to guarantee long-term sales success, you commit to the construction of a show house at your own expense and to staff this with a salesperson. Once sales success has been achieved, and there are corresponding amounts of transactions (approx. 300 units), a production licence can be considered.

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