3- Production LicenceĀ«

Your distribution activities are so successful that you additionally wish to establish an independent on-site production for local sales. The finacially attractive framework begins from a quantity of approx. 300 sold units.

Alongside the product and sales and distribution know-how (see distribution licence), our production know-how will also be transferred.

In return for payment of a turnover-dependent licence fee, we will provide you with:

  • Know-how transfer in the production process area (material, production planning, etc.)
  • Training in our existing production sites for your key production personnel
  • Know-how transfer in the assembly process area
  • Know-how transfer in the administration

The planning of your production sites (factory workshops, machinery and equipment), in accordance with the annual capacity detailed in your business plan, is also undertaken by Tunel Pey Khazar engineers.

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