Fast Wall(FW)

The structure is made out of expanded polystyrene blocks and lyer of concrete mix. After the concrete mix is applied to the interior and exterior of the building , ,it is rated as being able to withstand hurricane winds and earthquakes .The structure was built in five days .


FW , glues together the expanded polystyrene blocks an alternative building structure.


FW , Places corner beads in the expended polystyrene block. That comprise the framing of an alternative building structure  , to ensure smooth corner after a concrete mix is applied to the structure .

FW cuts an area out of the expanded polystyrene block wall with a hotwire  groover  , to place  an electric box in for an alternative building structure  in camp.

Use trowels to level the wet concrete on the fasica  of the roofs edge on an lalternative building structure.

Uses a trowels to level the wet concrete walls of an alternative building structure on camp.



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