Self stand wall(SSW)

Interior and Exterior Wall Panels

The Arsad construction elements characterized by metal profiles with “C-shaped” sections in galvanized steel 8/10 set at interval of 30 mm.In the version with metal section, the screwing of the plate is visibly extremely quick and easy. The self stand wall, made with Arsad have a response to the decreased acoustics RW=3.5.5 dB , as evidence by the certificates in support of the item.

The finishes

The finishes recommended for Arsad curtain wall and can be either dry or with plaster. It can also be covered with plaster. Our experiences suggest , preferably, those premixed with gypsum and lime and lightened with perlite , after application of normal adhesion.

…….Dry finishes the Arsad construction element can be coated with different types of sheets: gypsum board , gypsum fiber , magnesite , fiber –reinforced cement .


Arsad wall panel can be use as interior and exterior places .

Which place can use

The element is used as a function of partition and exterior wall in building for residential , office , shopping , and hotel areas.

Arsad construction element allows the realization of spaces and interior of any type and size : its peculiarities , in fact , enabling designers and installers to have absolute freedom of design and application .



Class “G” EX- NLB wall


60-10-300-IN-NLB-super p8c8density12-00-P-SP-00-HR-WR-GB-GB NO56/CLASS "G"


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