Doubels  Wall Panels

It is an insulating disposable formwork destined to built vertical structure in concrete , consisting of two panel in high density foam polystyrene EPS 150 (self – extinguishing) ,Class EUR E , connected together , at a variable distance , by a series of metal trellis .

The metal trellis are made up with vertical upright ø8 , ø10 in B450C , fitted every 20cm on the two internal sides of the formwork and two internal sides of the formwork and connected with beams ø5 and by a series of diagonal ø3,used to make the formwork stiffer during the M casting

The diagonal are opposed are one to the other as to host , before casting , the inside horizontal bars forecast by the designer.


The apace between two EPS plates is filled with concrete, thus building self-standing vertical walls compliant with standards. It is thus possible to build civil and industrial works and multistory building s, in concrete , suitable insulated and finished .

Specific thermal capacity Cp=1450 J/(kgk)

Water steam resistance factor μ=60


The “Dobeles panelis “used for the construction of houses , villas , apartment, hotels, schools , public , and industrial buildings , fully comply with requirement of the Latvian civil construction standard LBN 006-00 “Major requirements for buildings”:

- mechanical strength and stability;

- fire safety;

- hygienic , harmless for human beings and environment;

- safety of use;

- noise protection

Savings in energy and thermal insulation

The “Dobeles panelis” system includes permanent shuttering for walls and floors, as well as ready-made elements for partitions, hence the building can be designed as a whole, or individual elements can be used in combination with other construction materials. For example, walls can be constructed using the ‘Dobeles panelis” system, and floors made of prefabricated reinforced concrete or wood: walls can be of masonry, and floors above grade made using “Dobeles panelis” system. If the construction is wholly based on the “Dobeles panelis” system, the procedure starts with walls permanent shuttering erection and is followed with additional reinforcement assembly in compliance with erection requirements, and finally the shuttering is filled with concrete mixture (see section 7).

The “Dobeles panelis” system can also be successfully applied to foundations construction. Once foundations and walls are constructed, partition elements are erected – the permanent shuttering, reinforcement is fit up and concrete is deposited.

Similarly the roofing is erected and concreted.

It’s notably convenient and easy to erect partitions using the “Dobeles panelis” system: horizontal sections are fixed to the floor and the ceiling. Then partition polystyrene-foam panels with technical utilities ducts are attached the erected sections. The panels can be fished with mesh plastering or gypsum sheets lining.


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